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One Of The Biggest Play! Installs Proves Presenting w/ Paper Is Cool

Presenter Grant Klopper from the Guardian has a lot to say - for the audience's great pleasure.

Talking on Ping conf., Budapest, Jan 17th, he shared some key takeaways of what it has been like to push the boundaries of client side integration with Play! framework, told stories on open sourcing their software (accidentally that included their SSL certificate as well), and involved the crowd on a delightful little pull request.

We deem ourselves lucky to hear his thoughts on Ping conference:

"I can forgive all [the after-lunch pre-party timeslot, the great technical talks tiring participants out] but not that you put me after BBC. The BBC!"


While he admits he prepared most for delivering the opening jokes, we are sure his talks in the future will be just as great as this was, so more and more people can get an insight how a media enterprise of this size can efficiently build a distributed, robust Play! app.

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